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One thing is for certain, we absolutely love making wedding videos, whether that’s in London, Kent or anywhere across the UK. Capturing special moments on film and seeing the reaction that every couple gets is absolutely amazing. Whether it’s tears of joy or laugh out loud laughter we always know that they loved every minute of the film and more thank likely, every minute of our their wedding day.

With all our video’s we aim to capture every tiny detail from the awesome speeches to the hidden, holding hands under the table moments. This is what we believe your wedding is truly about. Two people in love, celebrating that love with all their close friends and family. We want all our films to represent that.

We are primarily based in London but often get to travel across the UK (occasionally world) shooting wedding videos and documenting real, honest stories. Our job satisfaction is off the charts!

For more information on why we do what we do or if you want to just get in touch to chat about how the day unfold’s then please do. Our email address is [email protected] or you zap a quick message across using our contact form.

If you are interested in adding a wedding video to your packages then check out all info on our Photography & Video page –

We look forward to hearing about your wedding!

PS. Scroll down the page to check out a couple of our most recent wedding films.

Photo by Amy B Photography
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